Denmans Garden

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There is something about the garden at Denmans which is quite unlike any other in Britain, for its display is not only to do with flower colour, but foliage form, textures and, of course, as it moves to autumn, with foliage colour as well.

Although the garden is only four acres in size, its layout is such that the visitor enjoys many small areas within the overall, for it is punctuated with pieces of statuary, a well designed pot or a warm sitting corner. In fact, it is a garden full of ideas to take home, and which can then be interpreted within smaller garden spaces.

One of the most interesting features in the garden is the use of gravel. It is used both to walk on and as a growing medium so that you progress through the plantings rather than past them. It creates a casual, jungly effect, particularly in the walled garden, whilst allowing the plants to develop naturally.

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