Transylvania Offroad Tours


TransylvaniaOffroadToursThe Transylvanian wilderness is an off-roaders paradise waiting to be experienced by 4×4 owners in their own vehicles. We’ll guide you on carefully researched routes over a variety of terrain, reaching high altitudes that afford extensive mountain views, penetrating deep into ancient forest, and negotiating steep, rugged areas ?with the opportunity to visit some of the many historical places of interest along the way, if desired.

Tours are flexible, offering wild camping with traditional Romanian dishes prepared by your guide, and a variety of accommodation and meals, depending on location. Read more, and book your holiday here

20th May 2016 |

Places to Visit in Key West Florida


Top places to visit in Key West, Florida

If you want a completely entertaining vacation, Key West is the place to be. The place offers a lot of ways to indulge and enjoy like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, charter fishing and more. But apart from the outdoor pursuits, the vacation spot also provides interesting artifacts. Being a popular vacation getaway, this island is also a home to various historical treasures. There are museums all around but most of the activities are concentrated on the western half of the island.

There is in fact a lot to see and do when in Key West, Florida. The island is not that big enough but offers many popular attractions and places to visit.

Love butterflies? Who doesnt?

If you have interest in different types of butterflies, then Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is the perfect place to be. The conservatory has about 50 species of winged, colourful butterflies that float through the air. Even there are 3500 plants and 20 species of birds that are good to look at. Visitors call the conservatory as a peaceful spot and away from hustle bustle of life.

Get on your swimsuits

Another place to visit in Key West is the Smathers Beach. It is a famous destination during spring. The visitors to this beach report it to be pretty and breathtaking. The beach is a mile away from the central Key West area. Apart from breathtaking sunset, this beach also provides volleyball, picnic spots and jet ski.

More activities

Even a cruise to the reef from the Key West Harbour will let you experience the beauty of the island and will also introduce you to the great wonders hidden beneath. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities in Key West. But the ones who are less adventurous can opt for the glass bottom boats and can see the reef without getting into the water. As for the nature lovers, there are eco tours and kayaking and you may even encounter the beautiful dolphins while doing such activities.

Duval Street

Duval Street is yet another place worth visiting when in Key West, Florida. Shops, galleries, bars and palatial houses are the main highlights of this area. It is a rich community with a lot of snowbirds in winter season. This makes even the average age tilt towards retirement. But at the same time, there is complete energy on the street with kids and young adults enjoying skaters, rockers and small underworld.

Mallory Sq

Mallory Sq is yet another greatest show to experience. It starts with as the sun sets. Indulge in a man swallowing fire, dog walk on the rope or British acrobats performing to the best of their ability. Take a chilled beer and see the sun dipping behind the beautiful ocean. Experience the best of time when the carnival starts.

So, with all this and a lot more to see and do, Key West Florida can be your next vacation spot for sure. Make a plan with friends or family and enjoy the best of time there. You will not get bored as the place offers a lot of activities and attractions.

13th May 2016 |

Rio Mira Boat Tour Through DUCA


foto1gon (1)What to Expect on a Rio Mira Boat Tour Through DUCA

When thinking of the beautiful country of Portugal, typically its capital city of Lisbon comes to mind where stunning hillsides along breathtaking coastal shores, a rich historical culture, and a certain beauty await all who pay it a visit. Yet despite its lure and offerings, many travelers often forget that what makes Portugal such a magnificent city is its various hidden gems scattered throughout.

One prime example of such would be Alentejo where its guests come from all over the world in order to enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of the Country and to truly soak up the natural beauty surrounding its most precious pearlRio Mira. If that sounds like your kind of holiday retreat, be sure to not miss out on the river tour operated by DUCA. If you do, here is what you can expect

Friendly & Knowledgeable Guides

With the well-being, safety, and experience of each guest in the forefront of their minds, the guides at DUCA are there to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime; one you will surely never forget. Making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable each step of the way, their extensive knowledge of the surroundings will help ensure you not only are enjoying yourself but are also able to take away newfound information from the Rio Mira boat tour.

Incomparable Natural Beauty & Wildlife

Stretching for a total of 134 kilometers (17 miles) from Milfontes to Odemira, your river tour will be a time where you simply wont believe all of the vast and thriving flora and fauna at nearly every turn. From sprawling hillsides teeming with wildflowers, various plant species, and of course several birds you will get the likely chance of seeing up close and personal. Be sure to have your camera ready at all times as you are going to want to capture every moment along the journey.

A Peaceful & Pleasant Escape from Noise & Clutter

In addition to appreciating the nearly endless natural beauties there are to witness during the DUCA boat tour, what guests seem to most appreciate is the stillness and pure peacefulness that seems to exude the rivers every square meter. Leave behind the noise, clutter, and constant on-the-go mentality that you are used to and dive into one of the most pleasantly calming trips available in not only Alentejo, but in all of Portugal.

The Option to Have Some Fun & Excitement

If you are thinking the DUCA boat tour along Rio Mira isnt quite up to par as far as fun and excitement goes, you are fortunately mistaken. Given the climate and location of Rio Mira, this body of water actually serves as the perfect spot to dive right on into! Depending on the season, the weather may be very hot and as the perfect solution, you are more than welcome to request a break from the sunshine and head right into the water. You will find it is quite refreshing and adds a little more adventure and thrill to your DUCA boat tour.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, be sure to head to DUCAs website at or their Facebook page at to find out even more information on how you can participate in a tour people seem to not be able to say enough about! Just see for yourself at

No matter when you decide to head to Alentejo, your decision to join in on all of the fun to be had at DUCA will certainly be one worth remembering for many years to come.


23rd April 2016 |

Bustravel Iceland



Ever wanted to explore beautiful Iceland? check out some of the incredible sightseeing tours offered, explore the?website for the most popular destinations Iceland has to offer.

Explore such highlights as the geothermal area where the most active hot spring Strokkur spouting steaming water up to 30 meters into the air every 8 minutes.

Check out our top reviews on trip advisor, such as this one :

Me and my mum used this travel company for several tours in Iceland and we would highly recommend! We did a tour to the Blue Lagoon on the way back from the Airport which dropped off everyone at their hotels after the visit. However, there’s never a long wait as they use small people carriers so you get to your hotel quickly. We then did the Golden Circle tour which was fantastic. This involved several stops on a whole day tour including waterfalls, geysers, a national park and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Many of the tour operators complete this though many do not stop at all locations compared to Bustravel. You get picked up by a small people carrier again and then are transported to the large bus. The bus tour operator was really nice and friendly and entertained everyone on the bus with commentary and very open to answering questions

Would really recommend booking this operator!!! The tours are just as fantastic but considerably cheaper. – Review on Trip Advisor?

Check out the operators website enjoy a trip of a lifetime!

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Visit Dubai Desert Safari For A Perfect Vacation Experience


Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Since the beginning of social media networking sites, more and more travelers want to discover a lot of exciting places so that they can show the world how fun thost tourist spots are. But if you are really looking for a magnificent, one-of-a-kind tourist destination, come and see for a city sightseeing tour in Dubai. With all the amazing things it can offer, the city is widely known for being a tourist spot in UAE.

Dubai Sightseeing Places – Things You Can Do To Enjoy The City

In Dubai, you do not need to wait for a holiday or summer just to enjoy the city. If you want to create wonderful memories with your loved ones and friends, how about going to the famous Dubai Desert Safari. Your family trip will not be complete without exploring this magnificent destination. For a group of friends or family, Dubai is the place to be. As a matter of fact, it is dubbed as one of the tourists first choice all over the world. According to statistics, Dubai is visited by over 2 million people from all across the globe. This fact alone is a proof that the city is a wonderful tourist destination.

Book for a city sightseeing tour in Dubai with your loved ones or friends. The city has much to offer to people of all ages. Whether you have different interests, you will surely love Dubai specifically the Dubai Desert Safari. From breathtaking architectures to amazing sand dunes, you will surely come back for more.

What Makes Dubai Desert Safari A Wonderful Destination

While you are in the city, never forget to explore Dubai sightseeing places. On top of that, always remember that Dubai Desert Safari will complete your whole trip. In this tourist destination, you will get to know the cultural Arabic lifestyle and the natural beauty of the desert. You will get the chance to experience desert camping in Dubai. The desert is known for its original beauty.

During your trip, you can stay in tents, enjoy and watch belly dancing, taste sumptuous hot barbeques and do fun-filled activities. The entertainments and activities offered by Dubai Desert Safari are unparalleled. With all the natural beauty, exciting activities and one-of-a-kind entertainments it can offer, it is indeed one of the best Dubai sightseeing places every traveler should visit.

If you want to visit Desert Safari in Dubai, you do not have to worries at all. There are a lot of service providers that offer Dubai Desert Safari tours that suit your budget. Whether you plan to stay long or for a short trip, they can answer your needs. They can arrange exciting desert safari excursions for you. If you are worrying about the accommodation, there are various luxury and affordable hotels in the city. You can choose the one that suits your taste and budget.#

It is easy now:

Anyone can download the android app Dubai Tourism now from Google play in their smart phone and book tourism direct online. There is also a website that does everything for you as regards Dubai travel and tourism.

15th July 2015 |

Holiday Guides


Calling all holidaymakers! Few countries in the world offer the same getaway variety as the UK does. But have you made the most of it? Whether a romantic weekend package, an activity holiday with the family or a leisurely visit to the countryside, the UK has the ideal holiday for all – all you have to do is decide what holiday to take.

Britains magical coastline, inviting countryside, dramatic cliffs, rolling hills, buzzing cities and charming town centres provide an infinite array of holiday ideas for you, your friends and your family. If you’re stumped for ideas on where to go next but fancy visiting somewhere new and exciting, there’s no need to jet off halfway around the world – make the most the attractions nearby and take your perfect stay-cation closer to home.

One of the best and most rewarding ways to decide on where to go on your next holiday is to get a taste of the location in advance. UK holiday brochures and visitor guides give you just that – an insight into each location without having to visit. Packed with holiday information, places to stay and ideas on family day trips, you can make quick decisions on where you want to visit next.

The perfect way to order free UK brochures is at choose from over 50 free official holiday guides to locations across the UK, each filled with up-to-date travel advice for 2015 and great attractions to visit in the UK.

Plan the perfect trip for any time of year with free UK holiday guides available to order straight to home. Visit to see the full range of official UK brochures and place orders for free.

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Looking For Ideas For A Great Night Out In London?


Whether you’re visiting London for the weekend or have even just moved to the City, there’s a good chance you’ll be looking for ideas as to the best nights out. Whilst some of you will no doubt have friends in the city who are able to advise on the best (and worst) nightlife spots, this is often something very much of personal opinion and a bar or club which one person absolutely loves could well be another persons worst nightmare!

Of course there’s absolutely no doubting, however, that London is one of the greatest cities in the world when it comes to its nightlife and there’s definitely no shortage of places to go and things to do after dark! From some of the world’s best clubs to fun and friendly pub crawls, there really is something for everyone and whoever you are and whatever you like, it shouldn’t take long to find the ideal place for a great night out in London!

We’ve put together our top three nights out in London below, hopefully offering something for everyone, regardless of what you like and where you love to spend the evening:


  1. Join An Organised Pub Crawl


Many will be more than familiar with the concept of a pub crawl however unless you’re a student who has been on one of the ‘Carnage’ nights, there’s a very good chance you’ve never been on an organised pub crawl! In short, as opposed to you and a group of friends simply hitting a chain of pubs over the course of the night, when you join a pub crawl such as Nights Gone Wild’s London Pub Crawl, you’ll be treated to a pub crawl with a difference! Upon purchasing your ticket (which in itself can see you save a small fortune on entrance prices), you’ll be treated to a fun and friendly host who will ensure you have a night you’ll never forget! With free shots and discounted drinks at a number of pubs, bars and clubs across such crawls, you’ll have a great night in great company, with the opportunity to make new friends and experience something a little different! If you’re either new to the city or just visiting, this is the perfect way to join others in a similar position and have, above all else, a great night!


  1. Visit The Theatre


Whilst not for everyone, if?you much prefer a play to a pint, you?certainly won’t be spoiled for choice in London! The city’s West End is famous for it’s plays, musicals and shows and you’ll find a who host of different shows each and every night?of the week. Whether you fancy heading to a family-friendly musical, an all time classic or something a little more suited to adults, you’ll find it with ease and if you take the time to?do your research, you’ll be able to get some great last minute deals on tickets.


  1. Go For A Meal


For some people, the ideal of their perfect night out is one which consists of a great meal and a great bottle of wine! London has no shortage of great restaurants and places to eat and if anything, you’ll?struggle to narrow down your list and decide which one to visit. Whether you love pizza, Mexican, ?a steak or pretty much anything you could wish for, you’ll find it in London and be able to have a great night with some great food and great company! Why not take a look at TripAdvisor to find the restaurant which is best suited to you?


Above all, there’s something for everyone in London and it’s simply a case of finding it! Do your research and you’ll never struggle for a great night out in London, however some places are a little more hidden than others and you’ll need to really do your homework to find them!

18th April 2015 |

Explore London On A FREE Guided Walking Tour


Whether you’re heading down to London for a short break or have just moved to England’s capital city, one thing is for sure and that is that attractions don’t come cheap! If you’re looking to explore London without knowing too much about where you’re going or where is best to see, you’re likely to be looking at the options for a guided tour and the majority of these are either boat tours down the Thames (which will allow you to see everything which sits on the river banks but little else) or a bus tour (which despite allowing you to see the sites doesn’t really allow you to see anything other than the main tourist attractions). Both can be expensive and, in many cases, be disappointing.

How About A Guided Walking Tour?

If you want to see everything which London has to offer, you could do far worse than joining a guided walking tour. On foot, you can get far closer to the places you want to see (if only for a fantastic photo opportunity) as well as being able to go places where busses and boats can’t, however perhaps the best thing about such tours is that you’ll have a knowledgeable tour guide with you at all times. Bus and boat tours generally run from a recorded tour and, as such, don’t allow you the opportunity to ask questions however when on a walking tour, you’ll be able to ask away and receive a personalised tour.

We’re Sold – How Much Do They Cost?

If we’ve managed to convince you that the best way to explore London is on a guided walking tour then you’re probably about to ask how much is it going to cost? Whilst, of course, there is a number of different tours, one in particular,?Free Tours Of London offer completely FREE guided walking tours of London.

Okay, maybe not completely free, unless you don’t enjoy yourself! Free Tours Of London operate on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ basis meaning they’ll accept a tip at the end of the tour. If you loved it and feel generous, give a little more than you would if you didn’t think it was worth much. Of course, this allows you to join the tours operated by these guys (no need to book) and know you’re not going to be 40 or more out of pocket (for a couple) for a tour which isn’t up to much.

These are THE BEST tours in London and, as such, they’re worth leaving a little something at the end however if you’re looking to do London on a budget and really can’t manage much, that’s absolutely no problem at all! A walking tour is the best way to enjoy this fantastic city and once you’ve been on one, you’ll see exactly why!

18th April 2015 |
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