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Whether you’re heading down to London for a short break or have just moved to England’s capital city, one thing is for sure and that is that attractions don’t come cheap! If you’re looking to explore London without knowing too much about where you’re going or where is best to see, you’re likely to be looking at the options for a guided tour and the majority of these are either boat tours down the Thames (which will allow you to see everything which sits on the river banks but little else) or a bus tour (which despite allowing you to see the sites doesn’t really allow you to see anything other than the main tourist attractions). Both can be expensive and, in many cases, be disappointing.

How About A Guided Walking Tour?

If you want to see everything which London has to offer, you could do far worse than joining a guided walking tour. On foot, you can get far closer to the places you want to see (if only for a fantastic photo opportunity) as well as being able to go places where busses and boats can’t, however perhaps the best thing about such tours is that you’ll have a knowledgeable tour guide with you at all times. Bus and boat tours generally run from a recorded tour and, as such, don’t allow you the opportunity to ask questions however when on a walking tour, you’ll be able to ask away and receive a personalised tour.

We’re Sold – How Much Do They Cost?

If we’ve managed to convince you that the best way to explore London is on a guided walking tour then you’re probably about to ask how much is it going to cost? Whilst, of course, there is a number of different tours, one in particular,?Free Tours Of London offer completely FREE guided walking tours of London.

Okay, maybe not completely free, unless you don’t enjoy yourself! Free Tours Of London operate on a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ basis meaning they’ll accept a tip at the end of the tour. If you loved it and feel generous, give a little more than you would if you didn’t think it was worth much. Of course, this allows you to join the tours operated by these guys (no need to book) and know you’re not going to be 40 or more out of pocket (for a couple) for a tour which isn’t up to much.

These are THE BEST tours in London and, as such, they’re worth leaving a little something at the end however if you’re looking to do London on a budget and really can’t manage much, that’s absolutely no problem at all! A walking tour is the best way to enjoy this fantastic city and once you’ve been on one, you’ll see exactly why!

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