Places to Visit in Key West Florida


Top places to visit in Key West, Florida

If you want a completely entertaining vacation, Key West is the place to be. The place offers a lot of ways to indulge and enjoy like snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, charter fishing and more. But apart from the outdoor pursuits, the vacation spot also provides interesting artifacts. Being a popular vacation getaway, this island is also a home to various historical treasures. There are museums all around but most of the activities are concentrated on the western half of the island.

There is in fact a lot to see and do when in Key West, Florida. The island is not that big enough but offers many popular attractions and places to visit.

Love butterflies? Who doesnt?

If you have interest in different types of butterflies, then Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is the perfect place to be. The conservatory has about 50 species of winged, colourful butterflies that float through the air. Even there are 3500 plants and 20 species of birds that are good to look at. Visitors call the conservatory as a peaceful spot and away from hustle bustle of life.

Get on your swimsuits

Another place to visit in Key West is the Smathers Beach. It is a famous destination during spring. The visitors to this beach report it to be pretty and breathtaking. The beach is a mile away from the central Key West area. Apart from breathtaking sunset, this beach also provides volleyball, picnic spots and jet ski.

More activities

Even a cruise to the reef from the Key West Harbour will let you experience the beauty of the island and will also introduce you to the great wonders hidden beneath. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities in Key West. But the ones who are less adventurous can opt for the glass bottom boats and can see the reef without getting into the water. As for the nature lovers, there are eco tours and kayaking and you may even encounter the beautiful dolphins while doing such activities.

Duval Street

Duval Street is yet another place worth visiting when in Key West, Florida. Shops, galleries, bars and palatial houses are the main highlights of this area. It is a rich community with a lot of snowbirds in winter season. This makes even the average age tilt towards retirement. But at the same time, there is complete energy on the street with kids and young adults enjoying skaters, rockers and small underworld.

Mallory Sq

Mallory Sq is yet another greatest show to experience. It starts with as the sun sets. Indulge in a man swallowing fire, dog walk on the rope or British acrobats performing to the best of their ability. Take a chilled beer and see the sun dipping behind the beautiful ocean. Experience the best of time when the carnival starts.

So, with all this and a lot more to see and do, Key West Florida can be your next vacation spot for sure. Make a plan with friends or family and enjoy the best of time there. You will not get bored as the place offers a lot of activities and attractions.

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